Marco Polo 100 Digital Build Challenge

Revolutionize construction, build affordable housing for $100/sq ft with 3D printing, prefabrication, robotics or new technologies.

Stage 1

Imprimere AG involved in "Megacity Project" in Africa

During a promising 3D Printing Summit Imprimere AG, represented by Simon Steinegger and Toni Niederberger, travelled to South Africa. A future-oriented cooperation has come about.

The event took place shortly before the arrival of Imprimere AG, organized by the partner of Imprimere AG "Merger Chen Solutions Pty (MCS)". Imprimere AG's 3D printing technology was firstly presented at this summit to a broad government representation and a select audience. The interest in the technology is very big. Thanks to the automated reinforcement insert this system can be used to create structural components and earthquake-resistant buildings.

Already on November 20, 2017, the representatives of Imprimere AG were there to showcase the 3D printing technology project applications and to participate in numerous discussions. With representatives of the government ( ) Imprimere AG could talk in detail too.

The printing technology should be used as quickly as possible for the creation of simple buildings. After the establishment of the first buildings multi-storey buildings and towns will be realized.

media release

Video of the printhead and material testing from 13.05.2016.

Impressions from the Bauma 2016, Munich

Processing of materials experiment01.02.2016

Impressions from the lecture on 10.12.2015 in Haute Innovation in Berlin

Impressionen from web summit 2015 in Dublin

Hall: maschinen summit, Stand: M-126, 4.-6.11.2015

Great interest at the BIG 3D Printer the government delegation of Zhongshan. 19.10.2015

Impressions from material advancemant test. 15.10.2015

Impressions of the exhibition Hannover Messe 2015. 13.-17.04.2015


Impressions of the exhibition business meeting in Jona, St. Gallen. 24.09.2015