Mixing and transport system IMP-MIX:

- Easy selection of materials from a large library, no manual settings required

- Fully automated mixing control with temperature monitoring

- Powder container with level monitoring

- Process monitoring of the mixing and conveying process

- Highly developed cascade control for reliable material consistency

- Complete system with automated washing process

Function description:

The IMP-MIX-100 is a highly developed mixing and pumping system. The high-performance combination of the paddle mixer with the vertical screw pump provides a homogeneous processing of cement and plaster materials. The premix powder is filled from bags into the container of the plant. The combination of the powder conveyor system with a vibrator achieves an even flow of the dry material and ensures a safe feeding of the paddle mixer. In the paddle mixer, the dry material is continuously mixed with an adjustable amount of mixing water. The control system monitors the mixing process and regulates the composition of powder and mixing water for an optimal material quality.

The mixed wet material flows from the paddle mixer into the wet mortar funnel of the screw pump. Sensors control the wet mortar stock and automatically switches the mixer on and off as required. Two feed shafts ensure continuous stirring in the wet mortar funnel and smooth, uniform inflow of the wet mortar to the suction port of the horizontally arranged screw pump. The mass is conveyed by the screw pump through pressure-resistant hoses to the print head. The mixing and pumping process is fully controlled by the control unit. Only the material type and the desired amount of material must be selected on the touchscreen.

Dimensions and weights:

Length: approx.

3060 mm

Width: approx.

1650 mm

Height: approx.

3000 mm

Empty weight: approx.

1000 Kg

Operating weight: max.

2000 Kg

Technical specifications:

Power consumption:

13.5 kW

Operating voltage:

400V/ 50 Hz

Power connector:

CEE 32

Protection class:

IP 54

Delivery distance:

max. 25 m *)

Delivery height:

max. 10 m *)

Delivery capacity:

4- 40l/ min

Volume of powder container:

0.11 m2

*) depending on material, grain size, pipe diameter and delivery distance and height



- Base construction with control unit and touchscreen control panel

- Powder container for bags with shaker

- Paddle mixer with adjustable mixing speed

- Screw pump with adjustable flow rate, manually or by our print unit

- Remote control for the pump power

- Operating instructions and declaration of conformity with CE certification

- Training of personnel in the application of installation and operation (2h)