Our Vision

- Anti-human processes should be carried out by robots

- Minimize resources through automated application

- Processes of formwork and reinforcement in the building process should be automated

- Unique surfaces and new shapes do not require cost-intensive formwork

- Individual pieces and small series of components should be economically producible

- The construction process should be fully documented and digitized

Our Mission

> With our innovative 3D printing systems / concepts, the processes can be made more cost-effective by means of fully automated processes

> Eliminate the inconsistency and manual processes with our automation solutions

> Eliminate cost-intensive formwork with printed formwork

> Fully documented processes through synchronous real-time storage of the process data

Our Corporate philosophy

These principles, we pursue day by day:

Customer / market

- Our customers are at the center of attention and we are consistently oriented towards their needs and desires.

- We offer a big standard range of 3D printers around the world, in order to build customer-specific solutions.

- With our sales partners, we are close to our customers and to the market.

Partner / Employees

- Our employees are called partners because it is not just a job - innovation is their passion.

- In our open and uncomplicated communication, we always treat each other with respect and dignity. The principle of equal rights and equal treatment applies to all.

- We demand, promote and reward the employees' good performance and exemplary behavior as well as training and further education.

Quality / environment

- Quality, environmental and work safety management is a management task.

- We maintain a good contact with the authorities and comply with legal requirements.

- We take care of the environment and maintain a sustainable deal with it.